Yencil Founder Spotlight: Get to Know Marc
A weekly series introducing our founders. Take a few minutes to get to know our CCO, Marc. Here are his thoughts on staying innovative, collaborative, and empowering users with Yencil's services.
Yencil Founder Spotlight: Get to Know Gboyega
A weekly series introducing our founders. Take a few minutes to get to know our CEO, Gboyega Adebayo. This blog addresses the founding of Yencil and what we have planned for the future!
New Yencil Feature 3: Mailchimp Integration
You can now integrate Mailchimp into your Yencil workspace, making email marketing easier than ever! This blog post explains the benefits of integrating Mailchimp into your Yencil site and how to make the most of the new feature.
Yencil Founder Spotlight: Get to Know Les
A weekly series introducing our founders. This week, take a few minutes to get to know our CTO, his experiences, and his visions and goals for Yencil.
New Yencil Feature 2: Notion Integration
You can now integrate Notion into your Yencil workspace, making uploading and selling documents even easier! This blog post walks you through how to use the Notion integration and how it can benefit your Yencil experience.
New Yencil Feature 1: ChatGPT Integration to Generate Document Description
As part of the new updates to Yencil users can now use ChatGPT integration to generate a description for their documents. We know our users are busy and we know that creating and selling documents on Yencil should be as easy as possible! Try out our ChatGPT integration now.
How to Boost your Store with Online Ads
One of the best ways to bring visitors to your document store is with paid advertising on social media or search engines. This blog explains the basics of paid advertisement and the benefits of search engine vs. social media ads.
5 Ways to Increase Visits to your Document Store
Increasing visits to your site is an important step in building your Yencil Document Store. This blog outlines ways to get more traffic to your site, which will lead to more downloads and higher revenue.
Create a Document Store
Creating a document store is a great way to promote your documents and attract buyers to your downloads. This blog introduces the document store and shows you how to personalize your store.
How to Upload a Document
This blog tells you everything you need to know to get started uploading documents to Yencil. A step-by-step explanation will walk you through your first upload and provide screenshots of each step.
Understanding Risk Management
Risk management is a crucially important factor in any business. Managing your risk, assessing the likelihood and impact, and creating a risk register are all necessary steps for any business owner. This blog provides insights into risk management and useful information for entrepreneurs looking to understand the topic.
Our Quarterly Update
We are taking a break from our traditional blogs to offer our readers an update on what has been happening with Yencil in the first 3 months of 2023, and what they can expect from the Yencil team for the rest of the year. The founders discuss overcoming challenges, new features, and channels they have found to attract more content.
Understanding Time Value
The idea of time value is critical for investors, business professionals, and anyone with an interest in growing wealth. Check out this blog for an introduction to the topics of time value, internal rate of return, and how inflation and tax benefits can play an important role on investments.
Planning your Next Trip
There are several things to keep in mind when planning your next trip. This blog covers what expenses you should consider, booking travel arrangements, and easily forgotten items like travel insurance and visa requirements.
Creating a Fitness Plan
Creating a fitness plan is critical to achieve fitness goals and improve overall health. This blog gives tips for setting fitness goals, keeping track of progress, and staying on top of your health.
The Power of Amortization
Amortization may seem intimidating, but by understanding the impact of making additional payments to a mortgage each month, you can save yourself money in the future and own your home sooner! This blog includes tips for paying a mortgage faster, along with reasons to make even small additional payments to your mortgage.
Yearly Finances: Basics for Beginners
With advice and a spreadsheet from Yencil CCO Marc Hall, this blog covers the importance of starting a yearly budget. Keep track of your spending month by month, seeing where your money is going and your best opportunities to save!
Creating the Perfect Post-Grad Resume
Before getting their first job, it is common for new graduates to look down at their resume and think "there's not enough here." This blog post contains tips to make your resume stand out after graduation, as well as advice from Yencil co-founder Les Ragsdale about getting hired at that first job.
Buying the Right Car
The car buying process is a lot to think about. This blog summarizes what you need to consider when buying a car and provides tips to make sure you get the vehicle that is right for you.
What to Know About College Course Planning
There are many things to consider when planning out your path to graduation. This blog post walks you through picking courses, making room for electives, fulfilling requirements, and making sure you graduate on time.
The Podcast Creation Process
Have you thought about starting a podcast? This blog, which includes helpful insight from the host of the Be Helpful Podcast, gives the steps necessary to create a podcast as well as how to get guests and build your listener base.
The Power of Real Estate Investing and How to Get Started
Whether you are looking for a side hustle, a career switch, or just a place to invest your money in something you can understand, real estate is worth studying. This blog provides an overview of what to look for in real estate investing and how to get started.
How to Write a Monthly Budget for Entrepreneurs
For entrepreneurs that want to spend their time working on their business, not their budget, this post provides tips to making and sticking to a budget.
How to Write an Effective Resignation Letter
Writing an effective resignation letter can be challenging. This blog provides tips and examples to resign with professionalism and courteousness, making sure you leave your work with positive relationships and references.